Nationwide Call Center Solutions

A True New Hampshire Answering Service

Nationwide Call Center Solutions is located in Bedford, New Hampshire. We provide Answering Service Solutions Nationwide, but we love answering calls for our home state. We have been a Call Answering Service in New Hampshire for our local businesses for over 35 years and have found it to be gratifying knowing that if one of our clients need to have a one on one meeting there is no need for them to fly out of state or even cross state lines, we are here for you.

We focus on providing your customers with the care and professionalism they deserve while maintaining the highest quality customer service in the business. We give any size company an almost unfair advantage over their competitors. Call us today to ask what we can do to improve your company’s growth and customer retention at 1-855-263-6041 or fill out our Contact Form, and Karyn Williams will contact you promptly.

When we are answering your phones, the transition is entirely seamless, customers will think that they are taking to your front office. We answer calls 365 days a year 24/7 so when your office is closed your business is still open.

Our friendly receptionist can answer your calls quickly and efficiently with little or no wait times, delivering to your clients the best customer service in the industry while providing your company the best customer retention and the least amount of missed new business opportunities.

Our web-enabled agent networks are using state-of-the-art Windows-based answering service technology. Having this technology at the fingertips of our agents improves the navigation of incoming calls, decreases dispatch time, and improves overall communications between your customers and our agents.

It doesn’t matter if you run a Medical Practice, Plumbing and HVAC Business, or Property Management Company, every call that comes through your telephone line is an opportunity for more business, but if you’re not there to answer the call, your competitor may be benefiting from your loss. It would take three full-time employees to answer your calls 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the cost of Nationwide Call Center answering your calls is not even a fraction of one part-time employee.

As our client you can customize the way we answer your phones, you are in total control of your scripts, on-call schedules, and dispatch. All calls are monitored via voice clips so if there is any question about the way a call was handled it is recorded and stored on a secure server for future reference, total transparency.

At Nationwide Call Center Answering Services, we know what it takes to run a successful business, all our receptionists are fully trained professionals and are US-based ready to handle any call from any type of business, large or small, call or email us today to get started!

35 Years in New Hampshire

Some answering services will say they’re based in New Hampshire, but are they really? We are a homegrown New Hampshire based answering service helping large and small New Hampshire businesses with their phone answering needs.

For over 35 Years we have answered well over a 10 million calls for our New Hampshire small and large businesses, I guess you could call us experts at what we do, but the call volume is not the deciding factor, we would have to say that it is passion, empathy, and commitment that drives us to expert status.